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Follow/Fav Ash's Kanto Journey Remix. By:. and water types plus a general type for any others she may get. Ash got electric type as well, plus more general food. A lonely Christmas? This is my slightly belated Christmas special, my first attemt at an Altoshipping Lemon, tell me what you think please, if enugh people think it's worthwhile I'll probably do a few more.

A/N: And that concludes Part 1 of A Christmas to Remember. Hoped you all liked it. I know there may be some confusion about some of the shippings I used here. Don't worry about it. I'll explain it better when I start writing the fics that include them. Ketchum’s Girls. By: Sheltie. I don’t own Pokémon. A/N: Well, here it is finally on its new home to stay I hope.

this is a whole new series that is based on my Brainy Girl series, but it will be Pokémon and Ash Ketchum will be the central character.

Dec 31, 2006 · The next day Ash, May, Max and Brock set off toward Cerulean City in the early hours of the morning. Instead of doing anything fun all of the gang simply slept the hours away. Before they knew it, the bell telling that they were now in Cerulean rang. Ash x Dawn May x Norman Brock x May Serena x Professor Sycamore Nurse Joy x Brock Serena x Clemont Dawn x Paul Gary x Reader Misty x Gary Jessie x James Ash x Misty Serena x Ash Dawn x Drew Drew x Serena New Reading List.

Vote. YOU ARE READING. Pokemon Lemon One-Shots Fanfiction# anime# ash# bonnie# brock# cilan# clemont# dawn# drew# gary#. A Pokemon Fanfiction" Welcome Home, Ash" Chapter One ~oOo~ The horn of the ship roared from the harbour.

The platform was lowered and its passengers began to leave the ship one by one. Ash had just arrived back in his home Region, Kanto, with Pikachu at his side. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works This Fanfic is about all of the Pokemon Characters from the anime and games end up in a world where human-organism hybridization is possible.

The Elite Four groups, the Champions, and the evil team leaders have taken advantage of this and because of a single order from Giovanni, Ash, Ash’s friends and travel companions, Ash’s rivals, the Team Rocket trio, and the Gym Leaders have had their. A Day inside May. Chapter 1. The sun was setting on a warm summer evening. Ash, May, Max, and Brock had just stopped in a nearby Pokemon Center to get some relaxation.

Ash and Pikachu sat on a couch inside the Pokemon Center, with May standing beside him. Brock and Max are nearby, looking around the Center for the resident Nurse Joy. Ash rescue to May with Torchic, rebuilding the trust between Ash and May, allowing them to work together to free Pikachu. Ash and May apologize to each other, and the fight ends. Ash and Pikachu rescue to May with Torchic again in the forest and Ash tells May in the episode: Cruisin' for a Losin Serena x Ash Pokemon fanfic A note from the author / chapter one, how it all began.

Rain. Tags Fanfiction Anime/Manga Adventure Pokemon Ash And Serena Ships Anime Serena Ash Fanfic. Hello my lovelies! This is my first actual fanfic, I was planning to make a my little pony fanfic of lyra but time changed and I grew tired of the idea, if you. May left Ash's room again and Ash still had his head against the wall still looking distressed. After fifteen minutes Ash and May were ready and were at Drew's place.

Drew was currently staying at a hotel. It was the Poke hotel. Dec 25, 2008. Seeing as how today's Christmas, I decided to write this fic now. . That remark caused Ash and May to turn as red as her hair and Dawn to giggle.

So I told him when we have sex there's a good chance we might have. Apr 13, 2011. Misty had a Luvdisc that blessed Ash and I with eternal love as well as. " Green tea with a splash of Pecha Berry juice and a slice of lemon too. Dec 19, 2014. (Note: May and Drew are both in their early twenties. ). Ash is hosting it with the winnings he got from the last league he entered.

. and the apology sex May owed him for her trick was amazing, Drew vowed to never again. Apr 21, 2008. Chapter Summary: Ash and Dawn meet a surprise under at. Notes: Yes, I know it's not Christmas so deal. " We can't afford them to be suspicious. . " Beside, the sex is too damn good that there's no way I'm giving you up. Aug 22, 2008. Ash's mom holds a christmas party and Gary's MIA. Misty, Misty's sisters, Richie, Todd, Dawn, May, Max, Tracey, Drew, Tyson, Professor Oak.

. Kitsune: That's because you couldn't stop laughing as you wrote the lemon. Ash and May first meet at the start of Ash's new journey in Hoenn and they decide.

AshxMay Lemon. Advance. Mentions of other Ash Shippings. Rated M. . Christmas has arrived in Petalburg City, and Ash and May are helping the others. Feb 20, 2014. Truth was, the last person she did it with was Ash, after that party.

I don't think we should be having um, er, unprotected sex with May and Serena anymore. ". . thought Serena, the sight of the Christmas diapers irritating her.