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Book reviews and news about new books, best sellers, authors, literature, biographies, memoirs, children's books, fiction, non-fiction and more. ‘Putney’ is the perfect book club pick for.

From Christmas to New Year's Eve, and the many other holiday festivities before and after, these books are sure to be perfect fits for your December and January book club reads. 12 “hot cocoa companions, ” perfect Christmas book club picks: The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick.

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen. The Dress Shop of Dreams by Menna van Praag. Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe by Debbie Johnson. Midnight Clear by Mary Kay Andrews. " My book club has been meeting once a week for four years―and we’ve been reading the same book.

It’s full of murder, mystery, lust, hate, love, trust, jealousy, power struggles, hope, forgiveness, and advice on life and death. Book club picks 12 classic reads for Christmas season NOT many people could claim they have read every single book in a Top 50 book list, compiled by Penguin.

But now could be your chance to tick. 12 festive books for book club, books 1 – 6: Christmas at Rosy Hopkins’ Sweetshop: I haven’t read Jenny Colgan yet but I do have her The Bookshop on the. These 12 picks are perfect Christmas book club ideas for the end of the year.

12 sweet books for your Christmas book club pick. These lighthearted and fun reads are perfect for snuggling up with a hot cup of cocoa and a crackling fire. Make some time for yourself this busy holiday season and enjoy one of these great book picks.

Day 23 – A Book Club Christmas Party. Most book club “rules” will tell you not to read a book for the month of December. Some years we follow this, some years we don’t. But, I will say there’s a good chance many members won’t get the book read if you choose to read for the month. Mom’s Book Nook Book Club Selections for 2018 On to the best part – the book club picks for the year! While Laura and I have made the list for this year, many (if not all) come from the recommendations of our members during past book club discussions.

$10 BUY NOW. 1996 Oprah Book Club Pick. Genre: Fiction The book that started it all. Oprah's first selection was a suspenseful and moving story about the disappearance of a child and the family suffering that follows. 12 Picks for Your Book Club in 2017 We love book clubs.

You get to catch up with friends, read books you might not normally try, and you get to discuss (or argue!

) with other people who also love to. Dec 06, 2009 · In this delightful Christmas Chronicles tale, the first lady of Christmas herself tells the story of how she and a very brave group of people once saved a treasured holiday from being lost forever.

It's 1620, and Mrs Claus's dear husband is off in the New World, planting the seeds for what will become a glorious Christmas tradition. Holiday Book Club *These tips are for book friends celebrating in a home. If you do not have a volunteer to host then enjoy the same festive ideas in a restaurant or your choice of venue to celebrate one of the best book clubs of the year!

Oct 17, 2014 · An intersting Christmas book of short stories is The Christmas tree of Tales by S. R. Kerr. 12 stories for each day of Christmas. They range from Christmas eve In a Snowbound Scottish castle, Memories of Christmas in the Dec 10, 2015. There are plenty of classic holiday books like A Christmas Carol and fun ones to read to kids like The Polar Express, but for your book club you.

44 discussion posts. Julie said: Can anyone recommend a great Christmas book for me to read, please (other than the Dickens Christmas books which are the. Nov 3, 2016. Need a lighthearted and fun book for the holidays? These 12 picks are perfect Christmas book club ideas for the end of the year. Nov 1, 2017. Slow Down! Be sure to carve out a little time for yourself with one of these perfectly festive books for book club this holiday season.

Need a lighthearted and fun book for the holidays? These 12 picks are perfect Christmas book club ideas for the end of the year. Dec 15, 2014. With the winter holidays and Christmas breaks just around the corner. we're sharing our picks of the top ten reads which will be keeping us.