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byerschoice4355. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 57. Byers Choice Ltd - Gerald Dickens - A Christmas Carol Collection - Duration: 39 seconds. Byers Choice Ltd. Shop Byers’ Choice for our famous Carolers! Buy our handmade figurines and accessories direct from the Byers’ Choice Christmas Buy Byers' Choice Ltd. Bob Cratchit& Tiny Tim Caroler Figurine# 209 from A Christmas Carol: Collectible Figurines - Amazon. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Byers Choice Ltd A Christmas Carol at Replacements, Ltd.with links to A Christmas Carol online pattern registration form, images of more than 425, 000 china, crystal, silver and collectible patterns, specialty items for sale, silver hollowware, Christmas ornaments, and much more!.

A market developed for the Christmas carolers, and Byers Choice, Ltd began. Over 80 Byers artisans handcraft, dress, and pose the Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holiday carolers.

What are Byers Choice Collectibles? Byers' Choice Carolers are varied and one of kind pieces, handmade in the USA. In an effort to create a more satisfying shopping experience, Christmas Treasures now offers style and hair color choices for our Byers' Choice Carolers.

Byers Choice Carolers were born in the late 1960's when Joyce Byers started making her famous carolers out of her desire to create holiday decorations that showed a respect for timeless traditions and her own memories of Christmas. Byers Choice – A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens’ classic tale is brought to life with the Byers’ Choice “A Christmas Carol” series. A Christmas Carol and Charles Dickens mean a great deal to everyone at Byers’ Choice. Certainty no other author and.

Byers’ Choice Ltd. is an American family owned and operated manufacturer of Christmas figures and holiday decorations located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. The company is best known for its line of Caroler figures.

It is a Subchapter S Corporation, and manufactures its product in the United States. The company produces over 500, 000 Carolers annually, which are sold by over 3, 000 retailers. Byers’ Choice LTD. Lori Mitchell. Karen Didion Originals. Mueller Nutcrackers, Pyramids, Smokers. Welcome to the Byers’ Choice Carolers. Free shipping for orders over $60!. Twelve Days of Christmas Carolers Byers' Choice - Christmas Market Collection Carolers Byers' Choice - A Christmas Carol Carolers Byers Choice Christmas Carol; Byers Choice Salvation Army; Byers Choice Cries of London; Byers Choice Winter Fun; Byers Choice Thanksgiving Collection;.

The new Byers' Choice Products for this year! Bald Santa with Packages $ 78. 00. Black/Gold Mrs. Claus $ 78. 00. Black/Gold Santa $ 78. 00. Boy Bringing Home Tree Up for sale is a Byers Choice Carolers A Christmas Carol" Spirit Past" 2nd Edition 1988, 1989. It is in wonderful condition. I am sorry about the glare. BYERS CHOICE 1994 TRADITIONAL GENTLEMAN CAROLER HOLDING SHEET MUSIC NUMBERED. This is a lovely Byers' Choice Ltd.collectible Black Decorative Fence w/Wreaths Winter Scene Accessory. Byers' Choice Spirit of Christmas Past Caroler Figurine# 2116A from A Christmas Carol $76.

00 Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by Byers' Choice Ltd. Byers' Choice LTD.Chalfont, Pennsylvania. 9, 589 likes · 243 talking about this. Always a positive experience with Byers Choice Carolers, amazed at all the Byers Choice Carolers and decorating choices to chose from. I love the Bryers choice dolls! I have Christmas carol ones an a few others I think 13 in all bought the storage box. Byers' Choice Ltd. Carolers Choice of Three Women KnitsorThings $ 40. 00. Favorite.

Pristine Byers Choice A Christmas Carol Tiny Tim Bob Cratchet First Edition LoveWornAntiques. 1990 Preacher - Byers' Carolers - Collectible Byers' Choice Pastfinds. 5 out of 5 stars Early 1986 Byers' Choice Ltd. Caroler - The Carolers TM - Chalfont, PA U.

S. A. - Christmas Doll - Tartan Plaid Skirt - Hand Crafted Beauty 29VintageLane 5 out of 5 stars Byers' Choice Ltd. is an American family owned and operated manufacturer of Christmas. has also created a number of specialty pieces based on classic stories including Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and the ballet The Nutcracker. Gerald Dickens performs A Christmas Carol at Byers Choice.

Saturday, December 8th; 1pm Dickens returns to Byers' Choice! Gerald is the great-great grandson of Charles Dickens, and he performs a one-man show of" A.

Performance: " A Christmas Carol" – 7pm. Byers' Choice Ltd. Chalfont, PA Tickets. December 8th, 2018. Performance: " A Christmas Carol" – 1pm& 5: 30pm