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Compare channels available on DIRECTV: SELECT compared to channels available on DIRECTV: ULTIMATE and HD availability. Catch up on your favorite Music Choice Sounds of the Seasons shows. See what's on Music Choice Sounds of the Seasons and watch On Demand on your TV or online! Re: Why is the Christmas music on SonicTap so lame? Channel Holiday& Happenings is actually on the 119 satellite, but DIRECTV mirrors this channel on the 101 which every gets during the holidays.

Employee Contributor * SONICTAP® MUSIC CHANNELS LINEUP ©2013 DIRECTV. DIRECTV and the DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS logo are trademarks of DIRECTV, LLC. All other trademarks and service marks are. ‎ Deborah Faulkner Brown ‎ to DIRECTV · November 7, 2013 · When will directv play Christmas music? I do not have channel 815. Last year there were at least 2 other channels dedicated to Christmas music for those of.

SONICTAP: Holidays& Happenings. The perfect Directv sonictap christmas for holiday celebrations, including St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas. Learn more about SonicTap music channels. Find more DIRECTV support on att. com. Nov 02, 2011 · Sonic Tap has officially started it's Christmas mix on channel 815, Holidays and Happenings!. Home Forums > DIRECTV Products and Services > DIRECTV General.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Christmas Music on DirecTV Discussion in 'DIRECTV. Nov 14, 2013 · holidays& happenings Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by JcT21, Nov 3, 2013. Nov 3, 2013# 1 of 16 JcT21 Legend. 315 10. Nov 29, 2004. anyone know if directv /sonictap will be offering the holiday music channel 815 free for everyone again this year?. you will enjoy Christmas songs and more for the whole holiday.

Oct 17, 2015 · I've brought these up in passing before but I have to say I really enjoy DirecTV's" SonicTap" digital music channels. Maybe I'm a simpleton or easily. Find your favorite TV channels on the DIRECTV channel guide Look to the channel guide for a full list of TV channels that come with DIRECTV packages. Refine your search by selecting a category, toggling All Channels/HD Channels, or typing in the names of the TV channels you are searching for.

Find your groove with the music channels on Satellite TV. if it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’ll always be able to quickly find a 24-hr channel to keep you in the holiday mood (even with the in-laws in town: )).

As no surprise, the scope of music channels offered by DIRECTV and DISH are just a bit different. In this article, we’ll. DIRECTV's SonicTap Music Service in Paducah, Kentucky DIRECTV's SonicTap music Directv sonictap christmas is your source for music for your business. SonicTap from DIRECTV in Paducah, Kentucky brings you crystal clear sound with no interruptions, and enough programming variety for any business.

Leave commercials behind when you tune into DIRECTV music channels. With up to 84 channels from Music Choice, there’s something to fit every music taste. Audio with title text only as SonicTap on DirecTV. industry. Music. Products.

Music, Video, Messaging, Scent, Interactive Media& Promotions, and A/V Systems for commercial environments.

Official website. www. dmx. com. DMX, a Mood Media company, is a" multi-sensory" branding agency based in Austin, Texas. Holiday& Happenings, Sounds of the Seasons. SONICTAP: Holidays& Happenings. The perfect sounds for holiday celebrations, including St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, the Fourth of July, Halloween. Nov 9, 2017. music on Ch 801. See this thread from last year. All Xmas, 858. Alternative, 834. Americana, 810. Big Band, 801.

Bluegrass, 812. Blues, 854. Broadway, 823. Classic Alternative, 838. Classic Country, 808. In 2010, DIRECTV switched to DMX's Sonic Tap music channels. There is a full -time Christmas music channel, All Xmas (DIRECTV 858). Jan 22, 2017. sports and variety of programming, DIRECTV makes it easy to keep everyone. SonicTap® Music Channels □ No commercials, no DJ interruptions.

Kickin' Country. Smooth Soul. Holiday& Happenings. Instrumental: .