Growing christmas trees in nova scotia

Scott and Stewart Forestry Consultants was established in Antigonish in 1985 to serve Nova Scotia’s woodlot owners and the forest industry. Christmas Trees. Nova Scotia growers’ home advantage is the native balsam fir, a tree that smells like Christmas and regenerates naturally across much of the province. Although overall economic growth has been disappointing in Nova Scotia lately, the province’s Christmas tree industry looks headed for a second straight year of strong export sales.

Green Christmas products are big business in Nova Scotia. The industry is worth $30, 000, 000. 00 annually, and the province is a world-wide exporter of Christmas trees. Markets in the US account for 80% of exports, making it the single largest consumer of the province's trees and wreaths. Nova Scotia has roughly 1200 families producing an estimated 1. 3 million balsam fir Christmas trees on 30, 000 acres of land.

Although Christmas comes but once a year, a lot of work goes into cultivating the perfect tree! Nova Scotian Christmas tree producers are committed to growing quality balsam fir trees for you and your family. The Northeastern Christmas Tree Association was incorporated in Nova Scotia in 1973 by a group of local growers in order to provide scientific, educational and marketing support for it’s members. Today there are approximately 230 of its members residing and growing Christmas trees primarily in the Northeastern part of Nova Scotia.

Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia is the Christmas Tree Capital because it has the highest quality, best price Christmas Trees in the world. How are we able to make this claim? The Nova Scotian climate is perfect for growing Balsam Fir with cold, harsh winters and warm, wet summers.

If you’re wondering why we grow all the way in Canada, the answer is pretty simple: In 1996 Lunenberg County, Nova Scotia was officially named the Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Capital of the World. You’ll find Mahoney’s Evergreens situated 30 miles from the nearest hotel, restaurant or grocery store. How Canadian Christmas trees end up all over the world. I grow Christmas trees, ’ they all laugh at me, ” said Gerald Couture. In Nova Scotia. Christmas tree production in Canada totals from 3 to 6 million trees annually.

Trees are produced in many of the provinces of Canada but the nation's leading producers are found in Quebec, Nova Scotia and Ontario, which account for 80 percent of Canadian tree production.

Of the 900, 000 trees produced annually in British Columbia, most are cut from native pine stands. Starting a Christmas Tree Business A Christmas tree farmer offers his advice on joining the business, including tips on species selection, buying and planting seedlings, pruning, and selling your.

You are here: Home / High-Value Trees / How To Start a Christmas Tree Farm. How To Start a Christmas Tree Farm. As the costs of growing Christmas trees are mostly labor for maintenance, such as mowing for weed control and shearing the young trees, a small grower who does their own work can keep most of the profits. The Christmas tree industry in Nova Scotia is worth $30 million.

from an open stand, where trees are allowed to grow uncontrolled. Interested in cultivating Christmas trees in Nova Scotia? There are lots of resources for new growers – we regularly connect these inquiries with regional.

LATE participation for 2018 AgriStability is available for Nova Scotia Christmas tree producers. For information on AgriStability visit or. Dec 10, 2017. Developed for Christmas tree growers, customers as well as the general public, this site provides helpful information on cultural practices, pest.

The predominant species of Christmas tree grown in Nova Scotia is the balsam fir. Balsam fir is native to NS and grows in abundance across the province. Balsam fir (Abies balsamea) is king of Nova Scotia's natural Christmas commodities.

The tree grows well in nearly all areas of the province and has been. Dec 23, 2016. The low ebb of the supply-demand cycle left room for Nova Scotia's 1, 200 Christmas tree-growing families, who produce an estimated 1. 3. DeLong Farms Christmas Tree Farming: A Legend Fresh from Nova Scotia.

outside of Nova Scotia, but growing Christmas trees in Lunenburg is a much. Nov 14, 2016. Nova Scotia drought blamed for Christmas tree seedling die-off. Richard Levy, who has been growing Christmas trees with his brother for.