X10 module led christmas lights

Small accent lights that make a big impression. LED light modules are low-profile, and easy to hide, but create dramatic effects for both interior and exterior applications. Mar 21, 2016 · X10 Compatibility with LED based lighting. using LED light bulbs with X10 modules. There may be some issues but maybe less. Other than dimming I don't think you would have a problem. I put up LED Christmas lights last year and don't recall a problem.

X10 Module with LED lights? - posted in Home Automation: I wan to control some under cabinet LED lights with an X10 module and when I tried the X10 Lamp module, there was some voltage leak after the" off" command was sent and since LED's don't need much power, they were still partially on.

Does anyone know if the X10 Appliance module (AM466 - 3 Prong Appliance Module) does the same thing? Nov 21, 2008 · But I& # 8217; m surprised by the intensity of these LED Christmas Lights. We had one problem. We couldn& # 8217; t use my X10 lighting controllers so we could switch them on or off remotely. Seems like anything else plugged into the X10 module. other than more LED lights. Dec 20, 2006 · I purchased a string of LED Christmas tree lights to try them.

When I plugged them into an X10 module I discovered they remained lit even when the appliance module is turned off? ? Energy use in" off mode" with X10 modules and LED light bulbs. > Does anyone know if there are any ill effects from using LED lamps with X10 > modules.

Shouldn't be, if you run them as ON-OFF only. string of LED Christmas lights glow dimly, but less than the regular LED Christmas Lights and X-10 - posted in Home Automation: Anyone have any advice on making X-10 modules work properly with LED Christmas lights?

When the module is off the LEDs still glow dimly. I have followed the instructions to modify a lamp module to remove the constant power but that didn't work. I have also tried plugging a night light into the module to absorb the extra power, but. Dec 06, 2010 · When I plugged my LED Christmas tree lights into an X-10 Appliance Module, the LED's were dim after the Module was turned off.

After reviewing several" fixes" found on-line, and settling on the cure that says to plug a night light into the the Module with the tree LED's, I opted for a similar but practical solution. LED dimmable bulbs with X10 switches Showing 1-11 of 11 messages. LED dimmable bulbs with X10 switches:.

below that minimum current and cause the triac in the X10 module to turn itself off. Smarthome unit to power a string of LED Christmas lights. Most modules I tried, would have them glowing in the off setting.

However, the with. Retrofitting X10 lights with Samsung Smartthings and LED bulbs. Posted by homeawesomation on August 6, 2016. Posted in:. For starters I have slowly been replacing my x10 light switches with Philips Hue lights. Philips Hue lights are compatible with Smartthings. X10 appliance modules can be found used for cheap and offer the same.

Use it in conjunction with other X10 modules and you can create whole scenes that turn on and off a whole room or even the whole house. X10 is simple, yet robust and the possibilities are endless. These are usually used to control incandescent lights, but can also control some dimmable alternative lighting (led, fluorescent, etc).

Dec 29, 2009 · Recently I bought an Insteon Icon relay module to control a string of LED christmas lights we put up for the holidays. I plugged the lights into the relay module. I was recently fortunate enough to have the oppertunity to purchase some Foreverbright LED Christmas lights (Thanks Darell! ). I wanted to use the LED christmas lights with an X10 module led christmas lights module.

this, however, presented a problem. Brief background: X10 is a home audomation system. In it's most basic form, as is exibited several ways in my bedroom, it allows you to turn things on and off via remote.

I noticed that when I hookup LED Christmas light string to an X-10. the lights from staying on, or maybe a module that is X10 compatible that. Dec 13, 2013. Remote Control Lighting Made Easy with Lamp Module. lights, but can also control some dimmable alternative lighting (led, fluorescent, etc).

X10 Appliance and Lamp Module Low Wattage Modification. Feb 23, 2018. This video shows how to modify the X10 (Radio Shack Plug 'n Play) Appliance and Lamp Modules for low wattage systems like LED and. Amazon. com: Customer reviews: X10 WS13A Decorator Wall Switch Buy X10 AM486 Appliance Module: Home Security Systems - Amazon. com. cost X10 Modules to operate our indoor Christmas Lights and Decorations during.

They plan to convert all the track lights to LED (Over 100 bulbs) and. Up until now I only used it for my bedroom lighting and for my Christmas decorations. There is one light module in the dining room with dimmable LEDs. Dec 10, 2006. Unforunately this means that my low power LED Christmas lights still. Can anyone tell me whether the new X10^2 appliance modules have. # 3 - Would LED bulbs work any better with my appliance modules?.

. " CFL x10 modules flickering" you'll find a lot of discussion on the topic. the X-10 appliance modules with LED Christmas lights: an unmitigated disaster!